The WASH Foundation Joins the Netherlands Water Partnership to Improve Global Access to Water

The WASH Foundation, an evolution of Clean the World Foundation is honored to announce our admission to the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP), a network of Dutch organizations working together to address global water challenges through innovative and sustainable solutions. Access to reliable, clean water remains one of the most pressing issues of our time. However, through strong alliances, we have the power to overcome this obstacle.

The NWP fosters a diverse range of members, including government agencies, research institutions, businesses, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Our partnership with NWP opens the door for The WASH Foundation to receive access to this wealth of knowledge and best practices in water management, technology, policy, and research, while sharing our knowledge and experience with NWP. The more knowledge The WASH Foundation can bring to address water, hygiene, and sanitation (WASH) based inequalities, the better we can serve communities, women, and children in need through our global WASH programs.

Also, through our partnership, The WASH Foundation can participate in collaborative projects and initiatives facilitated by NWP that address specific water challenges globally. By participating in these ventures, The WASH Foundation can leverage combined funding opportunities, shared resources, and collective endeavors to address critical water-related issues.

The WASH Foundation is delighted to embark on this new journey with NWP, and we are thrilled about the collective impact we can make. When we improve access to water, we improve lives. We improve health. We improve economic opportunities for women. 

Improving access to water changes lives for the better. If you would like to support our mission of increasing water access to all, donate to our WASH for All program today.