How Correct Craft and Ski Nautique Is Making the World a Better Place

We are proud that Correct Craft and Ski Nautique have chosen to partner with The WASH Foundation, an evolution of Clean the World Foundation, participating in three events over the past two months alone! Their dedication to giving back resonates across all levels of the organization, from the executive level to the production teams and everyone in between. 

Over 70 Correct Craft and Ski Nautique volunteers joined together to support The WASH Foundation, dedicating over 190 volunteer hours. Through their efforts, we successfully packaged 111,200 bars of soap, which filled 556 non-governmental organization (NGO) boxes. These NGO boxes will be shipped to communities around the world. The volunteers also sorted 26 Gaylords (large boxes on pallets) of plastic, which equals an impressive 19,500 pounds!

Additionally, volunteers sorted 1,500 pounds of gently used soap for production, resulting in 13,000 bars of fresh soap when processed. Correct Craft and Ski Nautique’s combined efforts have helped divert thousands of pounds of plastics from ending up in landfills and positively impacted the well-being of underserved communities globally.

As we gear up for two more exciting events scheduled for the fall, we want to thank Correct Craft and Ski Nautique for their commitment, support, and collective efforts. Correct Craft and Ski Nautique have been a tremendous force in supporting our mission, and we are excited for the future of our partnership!

If you would like to support The WASH Foundation, click here to volunteer today!