“The ongoing WASH education led by The WASH Foundation has helped our maternal health programs achieve a total elimination of deaths from diarrhea in the whole Machinga District of Malawi.”

“The WASH program that brought water, toilets, and handwashing to this community, in a sustainable way, has been so impactful. In the first year, we saw a decrease in cases of diarrhea by 67%. Imagine what that does to improve how often children can go to school, how often adults can stay in their jobs. It is lifting up the whole community toward a brighter future.”

“The menstrual hygiene training and education has been such a gift. Women in our community now have the supplies they need to stay healthy, stay in school, and stay in their jobs. And the ability to sell the reusable menstrual pads we make ensures our households have more income, which keeps us all more secure and moves us toward a better life.”

“The WASH Foundation's presence was felt by all who have received your hygiene kits. The rapid response and ongoing assistance made a huge difference to the people who needed help the most during such a tragic time in their lives. You all helped provide essential supplies so people could stay healthy when nobody else could.”

“Thanks to the mobile shower program, I was able to get the help I needed to find a home of my own and a full-time job.”