The WASH Foundation in Puerto Rico

The WASH Foundation, an evolution of Clean the World Foundation Emergency Relief Program works with local and external partners to bring WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) services and supplies to vulnerable populations around the globe affected by humanitarian emergencies, such as after a natural disaster.  During humanitarian emergencies, there may be an increase in the spread of infectious disease due to crowding of displaced people, inadequate access to water and sanitation, and poor access to health care.   

After Hurricane Fiona swept through Puerto Rico in September 2022, CTWF began reaching out to external and local non-governmental organizations (NGO) to find out how we could help communities hardest impacted by the hurricane.  These NGOs and their partners, having responded to natural disasters in Puerto Rico in the past, were well-positioned to identify the communities most in need, to specify what those immediate needs were, and to distribute WASH supplies directly to the people and communities that needed them most.

CTWF partnered with Fundación Unidos Para ServirFriends of Puerto Rico, and Global Empowerment Mission to donate and distribute WASH supplies to communities throughout the island.  In all, CTWF donated 9,600 hygiene kits; 52,000 bars of soap; 4,130 pouches of antibacterial wipes; 8,000 adult diapers; 10,000 infant diapers; 1,100 toothbrushes; and 400 tubes of toothpaste. 

Our partners held various community events where the hygiene items were distributed.  Fundación Unidos Para Servir also delivered hygiene items directly to the homes of individuals that were home-bound due to illness or lack of transportation.  Other beneficiaries included homeless shelters, community centers, and churches throughout the island.

We are grateful to our partners in Puerto Rico and look forward to continuing our work together! 

You, too, can help!  Consider donating to our Emergency Relief Program today!