How the Target Team Gives Back with Clean the World

Over the last year, Target has shown tremendous support for our mission at The WASH Foundation, an evolution of Clean the World Foundation, with over 100 individual volunteers collectively contributing 275 volunteer hours. Target has partnered with The WASH Foundation for multiple events, with their impact touching lives worldwide. They have chosen Clean the World for multiple annual corporate events, and regional Central Florida locations frequently come out to volunteer.

Target volunteers have impacted countless lives by packing 750 boxes of soap (or 150,000 bars of soap) for distribution to multiple countries. They have assisted in sorting well over 10,000 pounds of soap for production, which results in approximately 100,000 bars of recycled soap! The dedicated volunteers also sorted well over 5,000 pounds of plastics for recycling.

We sincerely appreciate the dedication and partnership of the Target team. Without our volunteers, we would not be able to accomplish what we do. Thank you, Target, for your invaluable support, and we are excited to continue creating positive changes that leave a lasting mark together!