The WASH Foundation Wellness Event in Nisibon, Dominican Republic

Following Hurricane Fiona, The WASH Foundation, an evolution of Clean the World Foundation partnered with several other organizations for an event to provide aid and services to Nisibon residents affected by the hurricane.  The participating organizations included Rotary Club, Autism Without Borders, AIB airport, and the New York State Hispanic Ministers Organization. There were medical professionals on-site – specializing in general medicine, pediatrics, and gynecology – that provided consultations and medications to more than 177 patients the day of the event. Residents who attended also received essential hygiene supplies, such as Clean the World soap. We distributed a total of 1,600 bars of soap, including 400 bars of soap to each of the following recipients: Nisibon residents who attended the event; the Director of the Vernon Health Center; the Director of the school that hosted the wellness event; and Dr. Heidy Castillo, who serves ten health centers in the region.