Caesars and The WASH Foundation: A 10-Year Collaboration To Do Good In The World!

Caesars Entertainment and Caesars Foundation‘s generous support started with a grant in 2013, which helped Clean the World open their Las Vegas Recycling Center and launch their Hospitality Recycling Program.

Since then, Caesars has helped divert 400,000 Lbs. of soap waste and 155,000 Lbs. of plastic from landfills and contributed to the production of 3 million bars of soap which have been distributed to vulnerable populations around the world to improve their quality of life and reduce the number of deaths caused by hygiene-related illnesses.

But Caesar’s impact goes well beyond the hospitality recycling program, as they continue to support the Clean the World Fresh Start WASH & Wellness Program, which provides unhoused individual in the Las Vegas community with warm showers, hygiene supplies, and additional services, which are essential to getting a fresh start and fighting homelessness.

As part of their support of the Fresh Start Program, Caesars’ incredible volunteers have also helped assemble over 32,000 hygiene kits, which were gifted to individuals in need around the world.

More recently, the Havaianas store located in the LINQ hotel in Las Vegas, donated 500 brand-new pairs of flip flops to Caesars Foundation, which generously donated them back to The WASH Foundation so they could gift them to individuals taking advantage of The WASH Foundations’ Fresh Start Program during an event organized by the Nevada Homeless Alliance.

Caesars Entertainment and Caesars Foundation have been invaluable partners over the years. Thanks to their generosity, millions of people in need have been able to benefit from access to critical hygiene supplies and services. In their quest for a better world, Caesar is leading additional sustainability initiatives through CodeGreen, which is a strategy that drives environmental awareness and engagement, as well as performance, across their organization.

Together, we continue to save lives!