Celebrating World Water Day with the WASH-in-Schools Program

At The WASH Foundation, World Water Day is a massive day for celebration and, of course, water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) education! This World Water Day, we marked the occasion with various activities held at two of the ten schools where our WASH-in-Schools program is implemented in the Dominican Republic: Veron 2 and Las Dos Jarsas.

Students enjoyed planned water-related activities at the two schools, including educational talks on the importance of water and how it becomes contaminated and learning about the water cycle. They also had the opportunity to switch roles with teachers and present presentations on water-related topics.

With water in mind, students were encouraged to reflect on the importance of water in our lives and consider actions that promote its conservation and responsible use. Their enthusiastic participation in these activities demonstrated their interest in learning about this vital resource and their willingness to contribute to its care and preservation.

After the educational sessions, the students at both schools were given the opportunity to showcase their creativity and knowledge through art. The schools were abuzz with excitement and innovation as they created murals and informative posters as a reminder of the importance of this precious resource. These additional activities helped to reinforce the message about the importance of water and its care.

When the students were finished, the walls of the schools were adorned with vibrant murals depicting the beauty of water and the need to protect it. The students proudly stood by their posters, explaining their ideas and inspirations to their peers and teachers. The students had learned valuable lessons about the importance of water and were eager to take action to protect it. They pledged to use water wisely, minimize waste, and educate others about the need for conservation.

One of the best parts of our WASH-in-Schools programs is seeing the students gain knowledge and awareness and find a renewed sense of purpose and commitment to caring for the precious resource that sustains all life. The ripple effect of their actions will surely reach far beyond the walls of their schools, spreading the message of water conservation to the entire community.

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