Orlando Magic: The MVPs of The WASH Foundation

The Orlando Magic is showing up on and off the court with their continued support of The WASH Foundation! Since January of this year, the Orlando Magic administrative, ticket sales, and events teams have participated in multiple volunteer events. Their journey began during the MLK Week of Service on January 18, and they have proven to be exceptional partners, always ready to tackle any task. They are the true MVPs of The WASH Foundation, and we are incredibly honored to have them as our partners.

Throughout our partnership, the Orlando Magic has dedicated just over 250 volunteer service hours. Here are some key achievements from Orlando Magic’s involvement:

  • Sorted 27,300 pounds of soap, equivalent to 273,000 bars of soap when processed.
  • Recycled 7,300 pounds of plastics.
  • Boxed 227,800 bars of soap, which have already been and will continue to be distributed across the globe.

Through their collective efforts, the Orlando Magic, along with their administrative and events teams, have made a profound impact and touched the lives of many. Every volunteer from Orlando Magic had a hand in improving the life of someone in need, and every bar of soap they boxed has reached families in the Philippines, Honduras, Zambia, and other destinations worldwide.

Orlando Magic and their administrative teams are, without a doubt, invaluable MVPs for The WASH Foundation. Thank you for helping make the world a better place!