Stories from the field: Serving the Homeless in the United States​

Through our two US-focused programs, mobile showers, and WASH stations, we’re able to ensure people experiencing homelessness throughout the United States have access to the resources they need to stay healthy and, ultimately, get back on their feet.

Our mobile showers programming provides not just access to showers and private bathrooms, but also supportive services like referrals to treatment, job placement, and housing assistance.

Our WASH stations projects provide 24/7 access to porta-potties and handwashing stations for homeless encampments in some of the most vulnerable communities. At the same time, our staff provides referrals to additional services to connect individuals to the broader supportive services network.

While both programs meet the immediate WASH needs of people experiencing homelessness, helping them maintain good health, they ultimately ensure individuals can move into homes of their own and on to a life of self-sufficiency.