Soapbox and The WASH Foundation Reach Partnership Milestone to Donate 57 Million Handwashes

In Honor of World Hand Hygiene Day, The WASH Foundation Celebrates Soapbox as Largest One-for-One Partner

Press Release – Georgetown, D.C. (May 4, 2018) – The WASH Foundation, a leader in Global Health, is celebrating partner Soapbox on World Hand Hygiene Day. Every purchase of Soapbox’s personal care products, including shampoo, conditioner, body wash, liquid hand soap and bar soap, provides a bar of soap to someone in need around the world. As the largest current retail giveback partner, Soapbox’s donation of 320,000 soap bars to The WASH Foundation has translated into more than 57 million handwashes to keep children and families healthy.

“Proper hygiene is critical in preventing life-threatening illnesses. We are honored to partner with Soapbox to improve the health of vulnerable children and families in the United States and around the world,” said The WASH Foundation Executive Director Sam Stephens. “Through their generous support, we will serve tens of thousands of individuals each year with ongoing access to lifesaving supplies and education.”

The WASH Foundation is a global health organization committed to improving the quality of life for vulnerable communities around the world. It provides sustainable resources, programming and education focused on water, sanitation and hygiene for those affected by poverty, homelessness and humanitarian or natural crises. The WASH Foundation has distributed 45 million bars of soap to 127 countries since 2009. It recognizes the importance of basic hygiene as a way to save lives. Handwashing alone can cut the risk of diarrhea by at least 40 percent. Almost 60 percent of deaths due to diarrhea worldwide are attributed to unsafe drinking water and poor hygiene and sanitation. With the help of this incredible partnership, The WASH Foundation is able to launch the World Foundation International Disaster Relief Kit in 2018, providing much needed hygiene supplies to people all over the world.

“Soapbox’s mission is to empower customers to change the world through everyday, quality purchases,” said CEO and co-founder Dave Simnick. “Partners like this ensure bars of soap are making their way into the hands of those who need them most. We’re proud to work with Clean the World and now serve on the foundation’s board.”

About Soapbox

Standing on a soapbox is just a platform, but getting off that soapbox to act creates change fueled by a purpose. In 2010, Soapbox was founded on the mission to empower consumers to change the world through everyday, quality purchases. Every thoughtfully crafted Soapbox product purchased donates a bar of soap to someone in need either here in the USA or abroad. To date, Soapbox has donated almost 3 million bars of soap to those in need, often pairing hygiene education with them as well. Their naturally derived luxe personal care line includes hair color safe shampoo and conditioner, and nourishing body wash, liquid hand soap and bar soap. All products are vegan, paraben free, cruelty free, EDTA free, silicone free and artificial colorant free. By hand selecting the benefit ingredients to include in their products, Soapbox offers hair and personal care that makes you look great, feel great and smell great. Soapbox products are made in the USA and sold in stores like Target, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Amazon, Meijer, Walmart and many other chain stores across the United States. For more information, visit www.soapboxsoaps.com.

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