Solidifying The WASH Foundation’s Presence in East Africa

Since 2018, The WASH Foundation has worked closely with local partners and governments in East Africa to provide access to water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) across parishes in Uganda. Through years of collaboration and dedication, The WASH Foundation and its partners have made significant strides in increasing access to adequate water, sanitation, hygiene facilities, WASH education, and microentrepreneurial programs. However, there is still much more to do!

While we celebrate all that we have already accomplished, The WASH Foundation is thrilled to continue strengthening its presence in East Africa through the support of our partners, the Ugandan Water Project and the Rotary Club.

Water Access Pilot with the Support of the Ugandan Water Project

The Ugandan Water Project exists with a simple goal in mind: to transform the lives of those in Uganda by eradicating water-borne diseases and poverty through universal water access. Since 2023, The WASH Foundation has worked closely with the Ugandan Water Project to create a lasting impact throughout Uganda.

To achieve this shared mission of bringing universal water access to all, The WASH Foundation and the Ugandan Water Project are piloting a new initiative to drill three water wells in the district of Tororo, Uganda. These wells will improve water access to a healthcare facility and two schools with a collective population of approximately 22,950 people, helping to alleviate the physical and mental strain of having to travel great distances for clean water. In preparation for drilling these wells, once the stakeholders agreed upon desired locations, three hydrological surveys were conducted to confirm the availability of water before drilling.

Support from Rotary Club USA and Uganda

The Rotary Club of Orlando is working with The WASH Foundation and our Uganda host, the Rotary Club of Uganda, to apply for a Rotary International Global Grant. This generous grant will allow us to replicate and scale our 2019 Uganda community WASH program to an additional five parishes and impact over 22,000 more people.

With the support and valuable expertise of our local Ugandan partners and the Rotary Club, The WASH Foundation aims to continue improving access to WASH infrastructure and education in more communities. By leveraging these resources, The WASH Foundation can expand its efforts to bring better health to local Tororo families through improved access to water, sanitation, and hygiene.

Working Toward Nonprofit Status in East Africa

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving WASH access and empowering communities in Uganda, The WASH Foundation is diligently working to establish itself as an international nonprofit in Uganda. This crucial milestone will enable us to deepen our relationships with key stakeholders, such as the Ugandan Ministries of Education and Health, and expand our impact across East Africa.

Establishing a formal nonprofit presence in East Africa will also enhance our ability to collaborate with local partners, secure funding, and implement long-term projects that address the unique needs of each community. With a solid foundation in place, The WASH Foundation can introduce new programs, scale existing initiatives, and reach more communities throughout Uganda and East Africa.

Looking Forward to the Future

At The WASH Foundation, we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead as we continue to build our presence and capabilities in Uganda and throughout East Africa. Together with our incredible partners and supporters, we are thrilled to continue to make a meaningful and lasting difference in the lives of countless individuals and communities.