Germs Met Their Match at Soap in Summer Camps

On Thursday June 7th, The WASH Foundation visited Goldenrod Recreation Center in Winter Park, FL for the first Soap in Summer Camps of the year. We provided seventy-six children with laughter and hygiene education.  

Many of the children were excited to have us back as they sang Clean the World’s “Tops and Bottoms” song from memory. The event featured Super Jabon and Super Agua saving the day by fighting the evil germs. Multiple Clean the World employees enlightened the youth on the importance of proper hand washing, with interesting facts about the spread of germs. We also handed out 100 hygiene kits, which hold basic hygiene amenities, that help families stay in good health.  

 They sang loud for twenty seconds and cheered even louder as they presented their clean hands. The children and their families will grow up remembering the impact that Clean the World had on them.  

Clean the World’s mission includes the importance of hand washing and proper hygiene education. We look forward to continuing that mission and bringing more smiles through our Soap in Summer Camps event.  

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