International Soap Distribution

International Soap Distribution Application

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Clean the World Foundation can provide quotes for domestic shipping to your organization. All international coordination, logistics, and costs are left to our partner organization except in unique circumstances.
Unless covered by a CTWF grant or donor, partner organizations are requested to pay an administrative fee of $250 per pallet. Do you agree to pay this fee?(Required)
Will you need a shipping quote? If you say no you will arrange your own shipping.(Required)

WASH Programming Questionnaire

This portion of the application will assess your organization's method of WASH education in relation to Clean the World Foundation's requirements. If the partnership is approved and a Memorandum of Understanding signed, but you do not have an established curriculum, we can provide you with the CTWF curriculum. It is only available in Haitian Creole, English, or Spanish.
If the programming is new, will a baseline survey and follow-up evaluations be conducted? (ex: availability of water, condition of bathrooms/latrines, prior knowledge of proper hygiene behavior)
Do you have an established WASH education curriculum?(Required)
If you have WASH education curriculums, lesson plans, and training materials, do you agree to submit them to CTWF for review within 10 business days?(Required)
If requested by CTWF, do you agree to use baseline surveys, evaluations and lesson plans supplied by CTWF in the ongoing WASH lessons?(Required)
Do you agree that any and all supplies provided by CTWF will be used for the sole purpose of WASH education, and shall not be sold, bartered, or used to promote any political, religious, or organizational causes?(Required)
Do you agree that the same population(s) will participate in comprehensive WASH education lessons at least twice per month for at least nine consecutive months, or at least nine out of the first 12 months from the date the programming begins?(Required)
Do you agree to submit to CTWF a completed progress report at least once every 90 days for the duration of the program, including stories, testimonials, and pictures?(Required)

WASH in Schools

Only fill in this section if your organization performs WASH in schools.

WASH in Healthcare Facilities

Only fill in this section if your organization performs WASH in healthcare facilities.

Community - Based WASH Education

Only fill in this section if your organization performs Community- Based WASH programming.