Emergency Relief

Make a difference. Help those in need.

With your help, Clean the World has distributed 200,112 bars of soap to aid victims of Hurricane Dorian.

In the wake of Hurricane Dorian, the need for life-saving hygiene supplies is critical.

Our initial goal of 100,000 bars was surpassed by over 100,000 bars! We are so thankful for the support of our local community and are grateful for our donors and wonderful partners.

Updates on Our Relief Efforts

Fishing for Families in Need

Fishing for Families in Need has distributed 78,000 bars of soap on behalf of Clean the World in only a matter of two weeks. Following the distribution of soap and other supplies by Fishing for Families in Need, Founder Lucas Metropulos, shared with us the need for supplies and hope:

“Hurricane Dorian victims in Grand Bahama in mainly three towns that were impacted by the hurricane received the supplies. We went door to door to a few hundred homes.”
“Individuals were very excited to receive a box of soap. There is a general lack of hope right now for many following the devastation. This simple box of soap certainly brought cheer to many.”


GlobalMedic has packed thousands of bars of Clean the World soap into the relief kits they are distributing into the Bahamas on our behalf. In total, GlobalMedic has distributed 74,000 bars to those in need in the Bahamas.

“We have put in thousands of Clean the World bars of soap to the Bahamas in our kits. Each kit has 12 bars and we are 3176 kits [in.] Plus up to 3000 more on the way!”

Direct Relief

Thanks to Carnival Cruise Line’s partnership with Direct Relief, we have sent 24,000 bars of soap to support their ongoing Bahamas relief efforts. 


Our mission isn’t possible without you!

Volunteer for emergency relief

Every time you volunteer you are helping Clean the World provide supplies to those in need during natural disasters.


Additional ways to help

Another way to help is by purchasing items from our Amazon Wishlist

These items can be purchased directly from our Hurricane Relief Amazon Wishlist, which will allow for shipping directly to our Clean the World Orlando Recycling Operations Center.

Mrs. Galaxy Bahamas at Clean the World Orlando

Drop Off Supplies!

Clean the World’s Orlando office is a drop-off location for donations of much-needed supplies for victims of Hurricane Dorian. Help us support Mrs. Galaxy Bahamas’ Relief Efforts.

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