Clean the World, Caesars Entertainment,
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The Challenge

A chronically homeless person costs the taxpayer an average of $35,000 per year. Individuals using supportive services are more likely to participate in job training programs, attend school, discontinue substance use, have fewer instances of domestic violence, and spend fewer days hospitalized than those not participating. Access to clean water, soap, and washing facilities reduces the risk of infection and illness from within the homeless population, as well as the spread of viruses like COVID-19 to the community at large. Clean the World works with local partners that add over 20 additional wrap-around services for the unhoused.

Our Mission

Ending Hygiene Insecurity

Clark County, NV Impact

Clean the World launched its Fresh Start WASH & Wellness Program in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2017 with the support of Sands. Since then, we have delivered over 25,000 showers, distributed close to 40,000 hygiene kits, and have seen homelessness decline by 35% when hygiene and wellness services were offered to the community. Partner service providers also report an increase of over 55% in referrals on the days that the mobile showers are scheduled.

Clean The World, Caesars Entertainment, & Caesars Foundation

Over a Decade of Impact

Our partnership with Caesars Entertainment and Caesars Foundation spans a decade and their impact goes far beyond mobile showers. In 2010, our Las Vegas recycling center opened with their support and over the past 11 years they have helped us produce over 3 million bars of soap as part of our hospitality recycling program! Their housekeepers collect soap and bottled amenities for over 38,000 hotel rooms and have kept 830,000 lbs of waste from landfills around the world. Caesars’ employees have assembled 23,000 hygiene kits that have been distributed to people in need across the US, and together we have gone on 8 global distribution trips so they could see firsthand the impact they are making. Now, with Caesars’ support, we will provide even more showers and hygiene services to individuals experiencing homelessness. Together, we are going to save lives.


A Public/Private Partnership

In a public/private partnership with Clark County Government, Caesars Entertainment & Caesars Foundation is sponsoring the operational costs of one of the three mobile showers serving the county and Caesars Foundation is granting additional funding to continue the program over the next 3 years. The commitment to helping solve the challenge of homelessness in the Clark County community is truly inspiring.

Since the beginning of 2020, we’ve launched three additional mobile showers in Clark County, NV through the generous support of Clark County Government, who is providing the funding needed to fabricate the showers and launch the program. They have been an incredible partner over the years in facilitating introductions and incorporating this program into the county’s COVID prevention plan & continuum of care.

Speaker Bios

Shawn Seipler

Founder & CEO,
Clean the World

Sean McBurney

Regional President,
Caesars Entertainment

Richard "Tick" Segerblom

Clark County, Nevada

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